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If you wish to make this skirt use the credited pattern. If you have anyone questions fell free to ask.

So, this project is so easy. Well for someone who is a little more experienced with their machine, if your a novice it may take a little longer. If you are going to make a skirt , I full recommend doing the ruffles by hand, and not the gather foot. It will allow for a precise gather and good manipulation. This skirt took 5 hours to make and to draft off a Burda pattern. I tool the pattern and cut a out rectangle to the right of my body. This will add two seams and placement for where the ruffles to end.

Then I made the lining which I drafted off the sewn skirt. I recommend something light for the lining. I used a light plaid for my outer fabric. I mainly chose this because it was on super sale, which made it affordable.

I used a overall 8 cm hem, it was double rolled. I made the waist band and moved the zipper to the hip. I then choose to do three rows of ruffles.You could do the whole front in ruffles if you wanted. I zig zaged and stitched the edges. Then I put my machine on the longest and looses stitch to gather the fabric. I laied the ruffles the opposite way I wanted to them to go and zig zaged the ruffle to the skirt. I flipped them over and tacked down the edges in the top left and right corner.

Lastly, buttons. I added three decorative buttons to the top of the skirt.