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This is a two piece set I made at the end of 2015 using a Vogue skirt pattern (view C of Vogue 8328) and a Burda top pattern (Burda 7051, view D). The fabric is from Tessuti fabrics in Sydney, and while it’s a gorgeous material it frays like crazy and caused me lots of stripe matching hell and zipper grief (requiring lots of rework and then a “design change” for the top). I really like the shape of neckline and armholes on this top, and the puffed out look in the front is not the pattern’s fault – I left off the waist darts! Oh and the skirt is excellent for twirling without being very revealing! You can read more and see more pictures in “this post”: http://upsewlate.blogspot.com.au/2015/12/set-theory-riviera-stripes.html on my blog.