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Greetings everyone! Today I want to share my latest work, again made for my mom. ))) In my practice it was the first experience of sewing outerwear, so I decided not to take risks and find a simple model. To my happiness, Burda has several special editions of “Classic” 1/2013, from where I took a pattern #0006A. Being a fan of vintage fashion, I chose a laconic elegant silhouette, but I have a little changed it. It’s an oversized coat with a collar stand that fits perfectly into my mom’s wardrobe. In the pattern, I made several changes: patch pockets replaced the pockets in the seams, so as not to spoil the fabric pattern, straightened hem of the coat, lengthened the sleeves to the classical length and changed the distance between the buttons.

First I threw the sample out of the usual fabric, and then, full of enthusiasm, proceeded to open the coat, on which unpleasant surprises were waiting for me … The simple material seemed too capricious and tricky. Fabric in a large checkered with poorly traced lines, the color change from brown to gray, and in the center – multi-colored vertical stripes. During the purchase, I didn’t take into account all these features, but only presented in my head already finished coat. As a result, most of the time I spent on the cutting work. In addition, I needed a so-called “card fillet”, necessary for to iron a woolen fluffy fabric. This interesting assistant with iron teeth you can see in my instagram . After that all the next sewing stages of the project passed quickly and without problems.

In general, the coat turned out very comfortable, warm and cozy. But the main thing is that my mom was glad! And I have acquired new skills and a useful sewing experience, thanks to which I plan to sew more than one wool coat))) For a detailed sewing guide of a coat, you can see on my blog and this video.

By tradition, I with my mother and sister went to walk on the old quiet streets of Moscow for the May holidays, then our next stop was GUM, where we made beautiful frames for memories. Today I want to share these spring images with you. Enjoy watching! Thank you for attention! I wish you all a good weekend and festive mood!

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