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Pattern: Megan Nielsen Tania Culottes
Fabric: Some wild thrift store 80’s botanical polyester

I love these shorts! Yup, they’re shorts, cleverly disguised as a skirt. And they almost never made it to ‘completed’ status since I nearly butchered them at every step. Like cutting a small at the front, and a large at the back. Then I broke the zip putting it in. And then I melted a sizable portion of the inside of the waistband with a too-hot iron. But I couldn’t give up on then, especially not since I’d cut into my super special $4 thrifted fabric. The print is a little bit ugly, a little bit lovely and works pretty nice with a cute and sassy pattern like the Tania’s. They’re really comfy, totally wearable and I really like the wide waistband and invisible side zip too.