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Itch to Stitch Belize Shorts has been the go-to pattern for me this Summer. Simple and quick to make, it was easy to sew up 4 pairs in short time. This pattern has a flat front waistband with elastic encased in the back. Nice deep pockets are a big plus.

First pair made was out of vintage fabric from the stash. http://www.lisascarolina.com/2017/04/floral-shorts-itch-to-stitch-belize.html
Second pair, teamed with the Burda Knotted Top which I love, was made of quilting cotton…. a birthday gift from my daughter. http://www.lisascarolina.com/2017/05/burda-102016-no-101-knotted-top.html
Third pair was made of white twill with pockets added in the back. Placed a little high, but it’s okay. http://www.lisascarolina.com/2017/05/white-twill-shorts-with-added-back.html
Fourth pair made of cotton/linen floral blend fabric that seems to go with all sorts of different tops. http://www.lisascarolina.com/2017/06/the-summer-of-shorts-itch-to-stitch.html

Okay, now I’m done with Summer and ready for Fall sewing!!
Happy Sewing All!!

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