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I started making this top months ago and for some odd, unexplainable reason, never finished it until now. It was a very easy pattern to make. I used Simplicity 1318 pattern, but cut the back piece on the fold instead of making a center back seam. I used French seams for all interior seams including the sleeve.
I attempted to add a wide satin band around the perimeter of this, but it did not sit well and just looked wonky, so I removed it and made a narrow hem for the outside and the sleeve edges. I may go back and embellish this top further with beading or adding a trim to the edge if I can find a nice one, or just leave it as is.
Since this top is so flowy and loose, it slips off my shoulders easily and needs constant adjustments while wearing. As a solution to this, I sewed a tiny lingerie thread chain and snaps to the seam allowance at the shoulders so that I can at least try to hold this up if wearing a tank top underneath.