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After my really long and involved Denim DuBarry, I wanted to make something very short and sweet. This top took all of an hour. It’s self-drafted, has no darts at all, just two pieces which are identical except for the neckline.
I bought the fabric from Tessuti fabrics back about 6 months ago. Nani Iro is a bit pricier than I normally buy, and I only wanted to make a simple top, so I bought half a metre. I’d initially thought about doing a shell/tank top, but got inspired by things I’d seen on Instagram, blogs, and around the place. I liked the idea of making this top slightly cropped because it’s already fairly unstructured, and I saw pompom edging on other people’s makes and decided I’d like to add that to my top. So I decided short all-in-one sleeves were a better choice.

A bit more here: http://antipodeanstitcher.blogspot.com.au/2015/11/cropped-nani-iro-top.html