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I was really taken by the Retro Wrap Blouse in the May 2014 edition. vintage! no zippers! kimono sleeves! looks easy to fit! I read through the instructions a few times, and was like, ok I think I get how to sew it, but how do you put it on? And then I’d look at the photo of the model wearing the blouse and think, but where do the buttons go? I’m very grateful to the other sewists who posted their makes before mine so I could figure how the heck you’re supposed to put the blouse on once it was done.

Based off previous experience with other clothes, I thought the buttons or a tie in the back would be uncomfortable, so I wound up making this a faux wrap blouse by tacking one side to the inside of the blouse and adding snap the to outside of the other side (see the pics).

More details at Rapture Unexampled