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Sewing gods are not on my side! Once I have made a beautiful garment, outside and inside, but it is big! Perhaps I could go down one size! Looking on the bright side, I will not have stomach ache after log day sitting in high waist garment. :)

Anyway, I felt in love with Flint pants the moment I saw them. It was my first time with MN bottom pattern, and I love how simple this ones are to make and how beautiful they look! I used stretch denim and made size M without any changes, except I have hemmed additional 5 cm.

I have already prepared black crepe for another pair, and now I am not sure should I go one size down or not, since the new fabric is without stretch. Hmm, to be or not to be…. But I am totally going to tapper them down at hem a little because that is the silhouette that I strive to.

I recommend this pattern to all, and I can see myself making several more pairs despite the fact that my guy hates this one (viva la man repelling fashion!).