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In my experience you can’t go wrong with a good print and a dead woman’s dress. In fact these things tend to come together as a trip to any good vintage store will prove. Anyway this isn’t just any dead woman’s, this is my grandmothers. And this isn’t just any good print, this is tartan. Because I’m Scottish and you know, we love that shit over here. We wear it all the time. I digress. So what do you look for in an outfit? I personally look for a decent soul count and this outfit is racking them up. So thats, 1 – grandma, 2- shark tooth ring, 3 – pony skin boots, 4 – bone buttons on the dress. Unfortunately I can’t include my own in that list, as I swapped it for a pack of chilli peanuts in the pub when I was 19. Oh well. You don’t need it to look good on the outside. Cackle.

So yes, this is essentially a simple fold over clutch bag. It is made out of a cashmere/wool mix which means that after heavy usage it still looks good as new. Due to the shape it can also double up as a pillow in an emergency, like missing the last bus home after dancing for too long. The dress was made by my grandmother in the 30s/40s.

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