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This is my interpretation of a Chanel dress.
The checked fabric was a remainder of only 1m.
Initially I planned to make it into a jacket, but later this seemed to „normal“ to me.
For a dress on the other hand there was not enough fabric…
Then I remembered I had in my huge stash a piece of red color-coordinated leather.

The pattern is self-constructed – I have the most fun in this activity :-)
As diversification I put the zip on the front – why must it always be on the back???
Because the zip is separable, you can open the dress completely, so you can easily put it on and off, without ruining your hairstyle or smearing lipstick.

On cutting the fabric I paid a lot of attention that the ALL lines match together all around the dress – after a while pushing the pattern pieces on the fabric it worked.

The dress has again a silk organza interlining for more stability and a silk lining.
All edges are bound with jersey. Initially I planned leather for this, but with the thick and stiff leather it had been impossible.

As a finish detail I´ve hand-sewn 6m of golden chain alongside the seams.
I bought the chain in internet and only the 5. order delivered the proper chain – as colour and size. Now I have a chain stash too :-)

I must confess I DO LOVE this dress!!!
I already weared it in „public“ and it was very admired… even someone asked me if it was a Chanel!!! :-) :-) :-)