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This is the hardest thing I’ve ever made. It’s Vogue pattern V1108, is made with silk taffeta, is boned, lined, interfaced, and has a foundation inside it. There is a total of five different fabrics in it to make all the different parts. Because the front and back are gathered into pleats, the pattern pieces were curved and a bit complicated to cut out. It closes with an invisible zipper at the side and hook and eye closures on the right shoulder. I actually made a stupid mistake when I started this pattern – I pinned the pattern pieces on the wrong side of the fabric! It wasn’t a problem, though, because it just meant I mirrored the original pattern, so my bow and gathers are on the right rather than on the left like the original pattern. Silly mistake to make, but doesn’t really matter for the final dress.

I bought the fabric first, late last year. My cousin was getting married, so I decided I’d use this fabric and make something to wear using this fabric. Given the fabric is taffeta I needed to find a pattern that was more structured and needed a slightly stiffer fabric. I found this Vogue pattern looking online and thought it was perfect. When I opened it up and read the instructions I was a lot daunted because of how long and detailed the instructions were, but I did have a month to get it made (still took most of the month to do!). It took a lot of work, but wasn’t as bad to make as I’d worried. I don’t know that I’ll use boning again any time soon, but I do like the effect it has in this dress. Although with the boning, fitted skirt, and off the shoulder neckline, this isn’t a dress for moving around a lot in!

The photos are a bit shiny because they were taken in the late afternoon with the sun low to the horizon and taffeta is shiny anyway. The last close up photo of the inside shows the colour of the fabric a bit more clearly.