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I saw a Chanel jacket in 2010 and put a picture on my wish list. But for a long time I wasn’t in the mood to sew something like this, especially because of so much applications.
But now in 2017 I decided to kick off this project, as I got very nice cotton tweed (from Linton England) and linen for this jacket. I found a Burda pattern in issue 11/2005 for this asymmetric cut. It was easy to sew and I like the fit. I made a 1 button closure only in waist height (press button) and that’s enough. The edges are made of linen and I sewed also a matching linen dress of this material.
Most of the work was making the embellishment: I crocheted lots of flowers with linen yarn and made applications of pompoms (they are cut off from pompom Yarn).

If you would like to read more about my sewing jacket, I would be happy about your visit at myblog House of Philo