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My mice dress is finished, based on a dress by Dolce & Gabbana from their Disney-themed fall collection 2016.

The story behind the dress: the mice are in the Disney story Cinderellas loyal friends who act with needle and thread to sew her a white gown. This is the story. That’s why the look of the dress is designedly “unfinished” with markings of black handstitches and exposed seam allowances at the sleeves. To make this, I had to widen the sleeve pattern at the shoulder point (10 cm extra width) to make pleats.

The mice are made by hand: I embroidered pieces of grey felt – some got a belly with nude felt spots – with crystal clear sequins, I sewed them on scalelike by hand. The final touch were always eyes, nose and hands/feet of beads & rhinestones. I didn’t want to overload the dress, that’s why I made only 3 mice. The original from D&G has much more patches, also at sleeves and back part.

The dress itself is made of white crepe jersey, taffeta-lined, and I sewed on the mice patches by hand and decorated it with black hand stitches.

If you are interested in the making of, please visit my sewing blog House of Philo

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