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Back in the 80’s I had a blue purse that I adored. It was small but had plenty of compartments and pouches for all my stuff. I used the purse for a long time and needless to say it gradually fell apart. While cleaning a closet I came upon this old purse and decided to take it apart and use the pieces to make a pattern for a new purse. I ended up with 30 pattern pieces -outer purse, linings, inner pouches, and much more. I used a half hide in a denim blue from Tandy Leather and some fine brown leather recycled from another old worn out purse. I had a blank metal ornament for the front -the kind that have cabochons glued into them. I used some crystal clay, polished stone beads and small swarovski crystal chatons for the ornament. I sewed it all up on my Singer 20U industrial machine using a 120 leather needle -larger than most home machines can take. It was still a challenge in some bulkier places. The purse has two large inside compartments, a zippered pouch between the compartments, a pocket inside the one compartment, a zipper pouch and a pocket in the other, and the outer part of the bag has yet another compartment and pockets sized for business cards. All in a purse that’s 9 by 6 by 3 1/2 inches. It has an adjustable strap that’s long enough to wear cross body style. This purse was very challenging and very time consuming. In spite of the notes I made while taking the purse apart I still had troubles making the new one and had to improvise some construction steps. And even though I used an industrial machine some areas were so bulky I had to “walk” the needle using the hand wheel AFTER pre-punching a few stitch holes with an awl. While I love this bag it’s not a project I will repeat due to the time and frustration level of making it.