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After a while, I’m back with an autumn outfit patiently waiting in my closet for the long long summer to end. This dress is me… I’m happy I made it at last, as there were quite a few difficulties I had to overcome. First, I could find nodoby in Athens to do the pleating! Nobody! I had given up… But then I fell over this blue fabric with the pleated effect , perfectly matching by main printed fabric. The must be a “god of sewing”….. I also had to make my own piping out of bias strip and cording. I’d never done it before but it was very easy and I’m happy with the result.
About the jacket now, I can’t really explain what attracted me…I didn’t like it in the magazine, maybe the colors were too bold. Anyway, something was pushing me towards it. It’s made of denim, it looks nice with my dress and I enjoyed working on its little details. And I love those buttons…