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i should NOT have attempted to make a collared coat without a detailed instruction using pictures.

i actually cut this fabric more than a year ago. January 2014. just cutting the fabric tired me so much that i abandoned the project for so long. i picked it up again last Friday. since i had no idea whatsoever how to sew/figure out the collar construction, it took me a long while to sew this. when it was done, i felt that it still missed something. that’s when i decided to add a bit of detail, just to personalize the coat.

for one half of the pockets, i used another fabric. i meant to put them on the other side (the one closer to the skin), but instead i made a mistake and sewed them on the wrong side. *sigh… yeah, i made quite a lot of mistakes here.

i didn’t bother with the lining. that’s another thing i haven’t learned how to do properly, and since i had lost my temper too many times with this project, i decided to just let it be without any. i actually also tried to use the serger/overlocker to finish the seam allowances, but i haven’t managed to find the right setting and ended up cutting a crucial part of a seam allowance as well.

there are so many other mishaps/mistakes i made in this project, but the end result is wearable enough so i count this as a success nonetheless. :p

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