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When I finished the dress I was happy with result and I really like it a lot!
The dress is really worthy, flattering for any figure and gives you a feeling that all your romantic dreams come true but only if you have several days to make it and somebody near you to help with trying on.

So… If you are suddenly invited to the party, have nothing to wear ( as always) and think that this dress will be ready in a day and night, you are mistaken a lot :)
The bust part is a real trap. I suspected this from the beginning because if you have the breast more than 0 size, it will never keep the shape in front: either your boobs will be on the waist line or ( after shortening the straps ) you’ll have a pretty vulgar look.

For my 40 size (bra – 75C) and my height 166 cm, I had to shorten the back part of straps for 1 cm and front – for 4 ( it put my breast on the right line ). Then to give the right form for the cups, I cut their front center parts from the top to the middle point ( I draw it on the paper pattern to show here ). I made it when draping was ready and it helped to change the caps properly. I had to re- gather the draping but it wasn’t a trouble because the edges stayed open.
One more piece of advice – if your fabric has no huge print like mine, it will be easier to make zipper in the center back seam.
And I also made a central insert not let my breast be outside too much and feel comfortable.