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This pattern is not for the faint of heart. I’ve sewn for nearly 50 years and it took me easily 3 months of weekends to complete (fitting all of that wool in August was such a joy!). I’m on the tall side (5’9") and long-legged/short-waisted,so I lengthened it at about the hip by roughly 3 inches and added an inch to the arm length. The sleeves are slender, so I increased the sleeve circumference by about 1.5 inches, which allows me to wear a bulky sweater under the coat. I used bound buttonholes — sturdier and easier to sew on the heavy wool than stitched buttonholes. I did not include the big bucket pockets, which I would’ve filled with wallets, phones, books, candy wrappers, bits of string, pieces of things I found on the floor and all other manner of junk. Instead, I put smaller pockets in each side seam, which I have been cheerfully filling with junk, but far less junk than those buckets would’ve held. I also added a breast pocket. The breast pocket is a little saggy, but could be corrected by moving the button, which I won’t do because I am done sewing this coat!