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This dress was a bit of a bear to sew! I found the fabric and looked though my BurdaStyle magazines for a suitable dress. I found this one and decided that the fabric and the design were perfect for each other. Most of the dress went well however I found the written instruction for the pleated and twisted front detail a bit lacking -but following the pictures worked. I ended up making a small scale model of the center front in scrap fabric to help me puzzle out the front assembly and that helped enormously. The slinky jersey was slippery and difficult to sew -but that has nothing to do with the pattern. In spite of any difficulties I love this dress and have worn it several times. It looks like a high fashion formal dress but the jersey fabric makes it as comfy as throwing on a t-shirt. I added some crystals to the neckline because I like sparkle. The fit is amazing and the dress looks quite special. When I knot the tie bands in front the dress makes me look thinner.

I think the difficulty level should be raised to advanced because the twisted interlocking centre front is quite time consuming and the instructions a bit hard to follow.. It’s totally worth the effort -but I can see beginner and even advanced beginners getting lost, confused and frustrated.