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I could not resist this design. Love it! My initial plan was to make the longer length coat out of a thick wool that I have been hoarding for a few years. I dutifully made up a muslin which ended up too small for a wool coat (not sure how many layers I would manage to get under the finished garment) and do I really need another winter weight coat that is wide open at the neck? Not really. So I threw the muslin aside. I was also frustrated with the fit of the two-piece sleeves. I generally love them, but something felt off with these.

But a few months later, I knew exactly what to do with that muslin! I eliminated the wide seam allowances and made myself a cotton jersey version to match my Alabama Chanin hand appliqued skirt.

My muslin turned out to be the perfect fit for a Spring/Summer weight jacket made from cotton!

The only major alteration was swapping out the two-piece sleeves for a one piece sleeve from this dress. The tailored two-piece sleeve just seemed too fussy for the hand applique.

My biggest challenge was making the shawl collar work with the applique. Normally, a facing is used so that when the collar is folded back, the self-fabric shows. In my case, if I folded back the collar, the green “wrong” side/layer of the piece would show. I did not want that kind of contrast, so I added a small triangle of fabric, marked my design on that piece, and worked that small section of collar from the “wrong” side of the piece. That means that I was stitching through three layers instead of two, but it ended up working just fine.

Instead of buttons, I used crochet covered snaps to secure the jacket. I thought about adding a belt made from a single length of the blue jersey, but in the end, I didn’t think the piece needed it.

I began this journey at the end of last year after being temped by the Alabama Chanin aesthetic for years. All that hand sewing was exactly what I needed! And now that I have finished this project, I can’t wait to start another!

More pictures of the finished garment may be found on my blog, Lilacs & Lace.