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A few weeks ago I bought very heavy black wool and I recently made a very classic winter skirt with it. The pattern is self-drafted – first I made sketches of the high and slightly curved waist on tracing paper, then I cut them out and pinned them on my dress form, made a few corrections and finally sewed a muslin. The muslin revealed that there was too much fabric on the back so I consulted my sewing book and the internet and attempted to do a sway back adjustment. I am not sure if I made it right but worked really well – my second version was still not perfect but already much better and I figured that the very heavy body of the skirt would take care of the slight creases that were still visible. And I was right – the finished skirt with it’s three ruffles weighs a lot and will therefore be really useful in the upcoming winter. I’d like to learn how to add boning to a pattern like this next, it will help to further perfect and stabilize the waist. What I also need to figure out is how to line this skirt – I lined the waist but I am unsure what to do with the rest of the skirt, I would like to glam it up and hide the inside without using loads and loads of fabric. The seam is after all more than a 4 meters wide… which is also why I for the first time didn’t finish it by hand but used my sewing machine’s the blind seam stitch instead – it looks really great and I guess it will come in very handy in the future… :-)

You can find a few more images on my blog, Draped in Clouldets.