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This skirt is one of my favourite things I’ve ever made! I’ve been meaning to try this pattern for ages as I’ve loved every version I’ve seen and lucked out by finding a bargain copy in a charity shop! The fabric is an AMAZING embroidered raw silk by Rag & Bone which I bought in Mood Fabrics LA store on a recent trip. I loved it so much I was determined to find the perfect project for it and luckily this turned out to bit it! I tried really hard with the pattern matching and placemnet and was so delighted every time I sewed up a seam and it worked. Following the pattern instructions I bound all the seam allowances and love the resulting finish inside. More details (and gushing!) can be found on my blog here http://chainstitcher.blogspot.co.uk/2015/10/embroidered-raw-silk-vogue-1247-mini.html