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I think one reason home sewing gets a bad rap for looking novice and, well, “home made” is the fact that we seldom have the chance to make multiples. Sure you can make a muslin, but unless you are perfecting the fit and finish with the exact fabric and notions you intend to use it’s hard to really get things right the first time. Designers and big box stores churn out hundreds if not thousands and millions of the same garment and can hone in on the process and design choices in a way that you can’t do with one-off items.

So while I would hate to turn my sewing room into a factory, there is something to be said for making up the same pattern multiple times and working out the kinks. And the bonus of sewing for yourself is that it will fit in a way that RTW can’t! My latest multiple is Sewaholic’s Granville, with this being my third version. It’ll probably never be perfect, but I’ve certainly had the chance to tweak and remake and tweak again, including with this version.

You can read about all my fit changes at MadebyMeg