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I’ve wanted to make something for my husband for a long while now, but couldn’t come up with something I want to make. Then we were having a general chat about nothing and everything one day and somehow we came to the conclusion that a duffle coat will be nice.
Surfed and googled for a while and found a beautiful pattern: Albion by Colette patterns. The problem with a duffle coat was that traditionally it’s made of duffle wool fabric and lined with something like twill, you’d say how is this a problem? I tell you Norwegian winter! So we went for thicker wool outside and a padded viscose quilt material for lining. And I say we because I dragged him with me to the fabric stor to choose himself.
The instructions are clear and straightforward with illustrations, and I didn’t make any changes to the pattern.
The coat is thick and heavy, but this is something you can happily use in -15 degrees :D Erik is happy and has made this his primary jacket/coat this winter :)