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There are a few factors that led me to decide to try sewing, the most important was my general disappointment of the selection of dresses in the market that weren’t ridicilously expensive. i basically got bored of black and navy blue!
And since I already have a sewing machine (a Bernina from the 60s!) that worked really well for its age, I decided to give sewing a try.
I selected a pattern from Burda that was interesting and relatively simple at the same time, took a trip to Oslo to the non-chain owned textile shops, and off I went!
I used a jacquard weaved material (not sure what it is, but looks like polyester is part of the package), realized that I cut a size bigger than I should, so had to modify the waist area on the fly. This made the result be not as perfect as I would’ve liked it to be, you can see the size is slightly wrong if you look closely.
I learned other little things that I’ll be more careful about next time I sew, I strongly believe there will be a next time :)