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I was given this project as an assignment for class. We had to go thrifting, and choose 2 to 4 garments to make into entirely different garments. The vest and camisole are both made from a rather large man’s jacket; the camisole is made from the sleeve lining, which is why it’ such a different color. The skirt is made from a man’s polo shirt. I kept the button placket as the black vent in the skirt, partially because I thought it was cute, and partially because otherwise I wouldn’t have had enough fabric.

The jacket began life fully lined; I kept it lined, and was able to keep two of the interior pockets and the external breast pocket. The camisole is made of the pinstriped sleeve lining, and is cut on the bias to form chevrons at the side and princes seams. It has a wide knit waistband to keep it tidily tucked into the skirt. The skirt was fairly simple, though I didn’t have any special equipment to sew the knit; it’s all just done on a single needle machine with flat felled seams and a rib knit waistband. I added elastic to the waistband because the shirt was old and the rib knit didn’t have the stretch recovery it needed to make a secure waistband. I left it finished at the hem, though I would like to find a sateen that matches and do a bias binding on the hem.