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I had a bit left over from my husband’s coat, the amount and the checks made it too little for a proper project but too much to throw away with good conscience :)
I went looking for inspiration and found this chunky top from the Burda A/W 2016 catalogue. This is Burda young super easy pattern #6850 view A.
The fabric I had was a tiny bit too little, so I improvised…Used the leftovers from the scuba mesh from my sparkly blouse and added panels along the top of the sleeves and as bias tape to finish off the hem.
It’s not the most awesome piece but it’s very warm and can be used with a lot of other pieces given its shape and color. All in all I’m happy :)
And while setting up my camera to take the photos, a curious spectator showed up at the door, so he gets a moment of fame in this post :)