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I made this shirt because I wanted some interesting casual tops to wear around! This pattern is a long-sleeved shirt designed for 4-way stretch knits featuring a decorative neck twist with an oval cutout. I made it out of a royal blue-purple jersey.

I made a small alteration on the strap (the piece that is attached to the back neckline and threads through the front piece). The pattern called for it to be gathered to 4 inches, but I gathered it down to 2-3 inches so that it would connect to the neckline farther to the back of the garment, making the neck detail more obvious. I gathered the lower sleeves so that this detail would match the gathering at the neck. I also hemmed the keyhole using a non-stretch bias tape to maintain the teardrop shape of the cutout so that it wouldn’t stretch when I wore it.

For more pictures of the shirt, check out my blog! It’s Not Bragging if You Made It