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All photographs are self-portraits taken by myself using a tripod.

I started making these shorts that I’m wearing years ago. Probably sometime in high school, but I just finished sewing them last summer. That’s the thing with textile creatives – we always have 10 projects going on at once!

I’m currently working a part-time job at a yarn/fabric shop in NYC called Purl Soho and it’s heaven for the textile lover! If you’re in NYC stop by and say hi. They also have a great project blog called The Purl Bee. Anyway, the most common conversation that I have with other makers is about how we always have a bazillion projects going on at once. It’s just so easy to get excited about a new project and leave the old one behind for a while. That is, until I realize that I have 10 left-behind projects that need finished. I find this especially easy to do with knitting.

Well these shorts were one of the 15 projects that took a little longer to finish. But I finished them just in time for when I went on vacation in Michigan last June. They were perfect for the beach, and so comfortable. I made them from a vintage Annie Adams pattern and I’ve been making new variation of these same shorts for years. The fit is just so comfy.

More photos and details on my blog: Esther from the Sticks!