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The dress made for my birthday party. I liked the fabric very much but as I try to buy fabrics only for the certain projects (even if I don’t make them right after buying :-)), I had to choose the pattern at first. And I chose one which would be done some day but nobody knows when because after seeing this dress in Burda Vintage issue, 2014, it became clear that my first choice was absolutely wrong:-))
So here it is! The pattern has a one-piece sleeve with a gusset bodice and a pleated skirt. My change for the bodice: I decreased the neckhole for the back and made it more wearable and lengthened the sleeves. But as for the skirt, I had to make it different: narrower, shorter and with sewed pleats ( the details are here: http://wittyprettyhandy.blogspot.com/2015_02_01_archive.html ).
I also added a contrast blue belt. I guess it brightens the image and matches very well the earrings I made for this dress.
I also noticed that the waist line is a littl higher than it should be but either it’s meant to be in that way ( and I just haven’t read the instructions) or my fabric shortened while being sewed. Actually, it doesn’t the matter if the material has bright print.
The dress is very comfort, feminine and I like it very much! It will look great made from any fabric. I surely recommend the pattern and the issue to everybody.