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Earlier this year I headed to Glastonbury for the first time. I opted for the “glamping” experience by buying my own trailer tent and buying all of the essentials – inflatable sofa, tulle curtains over the bed….the usual. So, I had all my camping gear sorted and wanted to make sure my festival outfits looked just as good as my camp home.

As I work for a company specialising in waterproofs, I’m familiar with waterproof overtrousers, practical, but not very fashion forward. So, they gave me an idea….waterproof overskirt, perfect for keeping my legs dry and even allowing me to sit down without ruining my clothes.

The idea……make a circle skirt out of oil cloth…..great in theory, but didn’t quite work. The oil cloth was too thick, so the skirt was very stiff and didn’t hang right.

Option 2…..make the skirt using a shower curtain. So, I went to my local Primark store and bought a beautiful pink shower curtain with a polka dot and floral design and it only cost £4.99. Perfect for the 1950’s look I wanted to create.

I made the skirt using a standard circle skirt tutorial that I had googled. When calculating my waist I added an additional 2" so that it would fit nicely over my hips when putting on. I used pinking shears to cut the skirt to give it a nice finish, as the edges don’t need hemming. For the waist I simply added white elastic and I was ready to go!