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This romper draws attention due to the fun and bright print, as well as the comfortably gathered shoulders and waistline, and mini hem ruffles.
Pattern pieces are very simple. Easy assembly. Although a cute little thing, there is a lot of sewing involved between the drawstrings, the castings and the gathers. For some reason I thought I’d be done in an afternoon. Not! Recommendations: make sure you have enough thread – one regular bobin was not enough for me. I figured this out while I still had enough to finalize the castings and the overstitching of the ruffles. So I saved the good colour thread and used another shade for the gathering. Also the biais for the various drawstrings is fairly narrow. If I was to make again, I would cut a bit larger to gain better control when sewing and then reduce the seam allowance before turning the drawstring. And lastly, make sure to report the full sewing lines on top and bottom pieces for the waist assembly. I had only reported the partial lines and had to do it in the middle of the project.
I made some alterations:
I lowered the front V by 1 inch – in all the pictures I noticed the front was pulling and I was a bit surprised by that since Burda usually has deeper dcollet. Also in looking at the pictures, I found the short too long, especially once you add the ruffles. So I cut 1 3/4 inch from the bottom before adding the ruffles.
I made this at my daugther’s request. Will update the pictures if/when she agrees to pose.