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Since this was an alteration, not a proper project, I was lazy and only took before and after photos, so please excuse my messy flat! You can actually see one of my next projects in the background if you look close enough…

I bought this coat from the op shop last spring, when they were having a massive clear out and I think I even got it at half price! It was way too big for me, but I thought it would be simple enough to remake. I took 24cm out of the width and 8cm out of the sleeves. I unpicked the pockets, unpicked the side seams (which included the inside sleeve because it’s a batwing coat), trimmed it, overlocked the raw edges, and then sewed the pockets back on.

I had to be very careful I that cut the seams the same, and that I didn’t tear any of the trim as I’d certainly not be able to buy any more! The coat itself is wool/nylon blend and I’m definitely looking forward to wearing it this winter, especially as I think I have every other colour coat except red!