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I made this blouse from a piece of tie dye rayon that had been lingering in my stash for many years, because I had no idea what to do with it. Now that my favorite summer tunic has started to fall apart, the fabric finally came in handy to make a light summer blouse. I chose this pattern because it seemed fast and easy. However, due to the fabric being quite light and slippery, I ended up hand-sewing the neckline and cuffs, so it took a bit longer to complete than expected. Besides lengthening the sleeves and shortening the slith, I exchanged the sew-on snap fastener for a button and loop closure. In hindsight, I would perhaps have liked to add some length to the hemline as well. Although I was a bit sceptical about the result at first, fearing it would be too much of a nineties throwback, I have worn it quite a lot already, as it is very comfortable.