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Let me tell you this – I am not big on refashioning or upcycling, not at all. In fact I believe that repurposing or redoing existing piece might take a lot more energy and time than making a new one. Although, there is one thing I am not going to argue – it is indeed a very creative process. Your mind gets twisted in all sorts of ways in order to come up with a solution on: “How can I RE-use this?”. A day ago or so, my husband realized that his favorite American Eagle dress shirt was slightly torn and that there was no way of fixing it after which I got an intriguing offer: “Would you like to use it for anything?”. “Sure, just put it aside…” – if to be honest I said it just because I was in a rush and did not put too much of thought in that. It took me a day or so to decide if I want to do it or not an since it is quite a trend of right now, to refashion men’s dress shirts, I decided to give it a try! Originally I was inspired by this cute female top that I saw in Burda Style newest issue.

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