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I made this wonderful blouse, Burda 7/ 2014, mod. 108, size 38. I added a peplum piece/ ruffles from Burda 3/ 2014, mod. 119. I got this wonderful material from my aunt. My aunt has been sewing for more than 25 years and she is a huge inspiration for me. We decided that instead of going fabric shopping to exchange some fabric from our stash. Anyway, this wonderful fabric was in a terrible state. It was shredded. The most beautiful details of the fabric were falling apart. I had to construct the fabric again. I used zig-zag and tried sewing the shredded pieces back in place. Luckily it was working.
I chose a very simple pattern for this material because it’s so rich in itself and the piece was not exactly big.
And as you can imagine I carefully trimmed every piece of fabric to prevent further shredding.