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This plaid seersucker turned out to be very nice for this pattern. This type of darts let me join the fabric right in all control points: sides, armholes – caps of sleeves and front bands. This plaid isn’t simmetrical and it always complicates the work with such fabrics ( even if the pattern is as simple as this one) so I chose the dark-blue crossings for checking.
One more trouble (the craziest part, to tell the true!:)) was to define the front and reverse side of the fabric – none of known for me methods worked. I only saw the difference after started sewing, fortunately, I had to unpick only darts to re-make them.

The skirt on the pictures is one of my favourite – from 3/2009, #105. Made of dark-blue linen. I omitted pockets because firstly, they seem to be enormous and, secondly, I try to avoid the details that widen hips.