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My husband is over 6 feet tall and hos trouble with robes in stores being too short. He prefers them to be longer than knee length and most in stores robes are either just above or just below the knee. He wanted a warm robe that is longer than just above the knee. I made him a robe from polar fleece using the bathrobe pattern in the December magazine. I used two colors of fleece -an earthy terracotta stripe and a rich deep green. I didn’t bother with all the piping and binding as listed in the pattern because fleece is rather bulky and it didn’t need more bulk in the seams. I learned that after doing the pockets with the binding. I lengthened the pattern to the length Dave wanted and that was about ten inches longer than the pattern. It took most of an afternoon to sew up -between times when I had to shovel more snow. Dave found it perfect for warming up after a long cold day shoveling the non-stop snow. It wasn’t difficult at all to sew and for the warmer months I plan to make this again in sweatshirt fleece.