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My husband was out of town for a month, and I like to surprise him at the airport with a new dress! I was busy with so many things, I finally woke up a day before he returned and decided I have little time, so I have to make a fast project! at the moment we are in the middle of winter in Cape Town, so I wasn’t really able to wear a sleeveless dress, so I found this pattern (new look 6038) in my stash, and the bolero jacket was a great idea. (I still had to wear another jacket over that to get in and out of the airport, since it was freezing when he returned). I also wore it with boots. the dress fabric was also in my stash, and I had to line it with a black stretch triloble (knit), but anything to make the dress warmer at this stage was great! I love the fabric, and the dress without the bolero looks great for summer!