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This was a modification of a dress I had made some time ago. Originally this dress had a knee length skirt, but I had quite a bit of leftover fabric, so I unpicked the original skirt & turned it into a corset with two different skirt options.

The first option is the original skirt, which was just sewn onto a foundation pencil skirt, so it looks the same as it originally did. The second option is for a floor length skirt, which was also attached to a foundation.

The pattern for the skirt is really very simple, it is literally a piece of fabric folded in half with some tack stitches holding the folds in place. There are more details on my blog Eat.Craft.Explore

The skirt foundation was drafted from my skirt block.

For information on the original dress, see my blog Eat.Craft.Explore

All in all I’m pretty happy with this one, it definitely looks more complex that it was.