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The fabric is a beautiful checkered wool from my stash and this fabric has its story to tell… I found it online, a great deal, and in my imagination I immediately saw a dress similar to my Bettina! So I bought 2,5 m of it and was waiting for a delivery. You can imagine my disappointment when in the parcel I saw a suspiciously small piece of my wool and a small envelope with a short letter and some cash. The seller was saying how sorry he was but due to some misunderstanding he sold more of that fabric than he had, and he only had 1 metre left… So, he gave me back my money I paid and as a free “I’m sorry” gift he sent me that 1 metre.Very nice of him but my dream dress was lost….

So, the wool stayed in my stash for some time and waited for its project because it’s not easy to change the concept from a full bodied dress into I-have-no-idea-what-to-turn-one-metre-of-fabric-into…. And then I found it! v

The skirt is rather easy to sew, the pattern consists of three pieces – the front and the back yokes and the main big part that you cut four times. Additional pieces are the belt, two rectangles for the bottom part of the box pleat and two flaps. As I mentioned, I skipped pleating of the bottom part of the box pleat so I cut the front and back pieces of skirt as one piece and just folded the box pleats.