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Phew… I finished this dress just before the Burdastyle’s Member Model Challenge deadline!
The dress is made with champagne silk charmeuse and champagne silk wool. (The top bodice crossover and back of dress pieces are silk wool.)

Since the bodice pattern had no darts and was made to be used with soft fabric, I knew the silk wool would be tricky. But since I’m not busty, the silk wool worked fine!
I chose silk wool because I love the contrasting fabric AND I planned to add Ukrainian embroidery along the edge of the silk wool. Unfortunately, I ran out of time and didn’t finish the embroidery. (BUMMER!)
Instead of Ukrainian embroidery, I’m wearing a necklace my aunt recently made me. It’s a photo of my bacha on one side and a photo of my grandfather on the other side.

The bodice is lined with ivory silk charmeuse.
The skirt was originally lined with silk. I removed the skirt silk lining because it created too much bulk and draped oddly with the other silk.
The skirt is finished with a lot of hand-stitching!

More on my blog here: http://www.marusyamarusya.com/the-perogi-cascade-champagne-silk-wool-and-silk-charmeuse-dress/