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This year I wanted a vintage mid-century based costume and the stunning makeup and wardrobe design for Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra immediately came to mind.

For this costume I knew I wanted to make my dress. I wanted something that would feel like the real Cleopatra, but still be recognizably inspired by the movie, yet wearable on any other day. This gold brocade fabric was perfect for the dress, giving me a little structure to work with for the wrapped mummy like drape of the mid-section, and I knew it would photograph well. It is actually two pieces, a bodice and skirt with sequined details on the back. I made the hemline short because on Ancient Egyptian walls it seems to be the length of choice and also to give it a little Mid-Century pinup feeling. This is the first dress that I have draped completely without using the patterned sloper I made a few years ago.

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