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years ago, i got this black polyester satin fabric with dragon print that repeats every 80-90 cm. and then a few weeks ago, i came across a beautiful pants pattern on a local Finnish handicraft magazine called Moda, issue no. 09/2014 (see last pic).

so i decided to give the pattern a try. it proved to be a hard thing to do, my basic sewing skills & sewing machine had a hard time adjusting to sewing this flimsy & flowy material into something as “structured” as these pants. but with perseverance, i finally finished them and the outcome is… not so bad! the hemlines are a bit sloppy, but i’ll do better next time.

the yellow zipper was just for fun (i can’t live with just black, unfortunately). i put the prints asymmetrically on purpose, giving the pants tiny surprises on every angle (at least that was my idea!).

the shirt i wore in these pics is also self-sewn, which i will write about right after this.

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