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♫ ♪ Never never

For this top I used the pattern #113 from Burda 08/2012.. I have already made a dress using one variation of this pattern (Cherry Blossom Girl ).. That’s why at the beginning I knew that it would be better to make the neck opening wider.. My second and main modification to the pattern was making closure with buttons at the back.. It was an easy task to do.. Heart shaped buttons gave a special cute note to this top.. Without them it would be just another plain peplum top.. My third and last adjustment of this pattern was shortening the peplum for about 5cm..

Looking from the back of the top, it seems like the top is not fitting good.. There’s some extra space at her lower back.. First I thought that I should change something, but after seeing my sister move and doing normal tasks I realized that everything is ok.. It’s not like I made this for her so she can only stand and pose for the photos..

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