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This was one of this first things I wanted to make after I got back into sewing. Given the popularity, I guess it was an inevitable rite of passage – you’ve got to make this top at some point :)

I used pale olive green (is that a colour?) rayon and altered pattern (slimmed chest down) to fit a bit better.

Listing alteration steps used below in case anyone is interested:
1) Measure armhole length using a curved ruler. Marked 2/3 of total length on the armhole curve from shoulder. Starting from this point, draw a straight line across the body (perpendicular to front centre). Cut the pattern along this line. You’ll end up with “above” and “below” pieces.
2) On the below-part, draw 2 parallel lines to front centre (1 to the left of it, 1 to the right on the back, draw only 1 line on the front piece- towards the armhole the diagonal slanty side remains untouched), each 1 cm away from the front centre (so taking in by 2 cm in total). Then cut along these lines and retape pieces (or just fold the paper and tape if you’d like)
3) Now rejoin above and below pieces, making sure centre front lines match. This will make armholes not match. (Above piece will be larger). Tape some additional scrap paper underneath that gap to be able to draw on. Using the top shoulder point and and bottom underarm point, draw a new curve (I used middle point between two curves) and cut the new armhole.
3a) Measure the new armhole length vs the sleeve curve. Two measurements should match considering some ease. If not, you may want to re-draw your armhole. However, 1 cm alteration did not make a huge difference so I didn’t need to fiddle further.
4) Repeat this on both sides (left and right arm) on Both pieces (back and front) – In total you’ll be taking in by 4 cm in circumference (so adjust if that’s too much)