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I like to believe that I’m fairly immune to fashion trends – I pride myself in knowing what I like, what suits me best and which styles I gravitate towards, and for the most of the time I don’t feel the need to be in sync with latest fashion craze. Until, of course, 2017. rolled in. Flounces and ruffles were always my weak spots so it wasn’t surprising when I started sewing every frilly pattern that came my way, but cold shoulders! I really didn’t see that one coming! :D

This beauty I’m wearing is Beausoleil dress from Itch to Stitch. Never have I tried one of their patterns before, but when I saw that there’s a call for pattern testers for this design I raised my hand so quickly that I almost sprained my (cold) shoulder! I LOVED the sketch so much! Luckily I got in and this is the dress I made with this lovely (just released!) pattern.

In my book, this is a perfect breezy summer dress – relaxed bodice and sleeves, waist that is fitted enough to look flattering but loose enough to be non restrictive, and lovely A-line skirt. And of course, cold shoulder detail. So darn cute! Neckline and shoulder openings are finished with all-in-one facings and I really like how it looks – very clean and professional finish. There’s a lapped zipper at the back which is NEVER my first choice (I’m invisible zipper kind of girl through and through), but I tried it for this one and I’m almost converted. The result is far better looking than I thought it would be and the lapped zipper method used in the instructions is just plain amazing!

The fabric I used for my dress is floral rayon, very soft and lightweight and with a beautiful drape. Colour reads quite pinkish in the pictures but it’s actually lavender! It’s slightly see-through so I had to line the skirt, bodice is left unlined. I’m not 100% sure that this kind of fabric is what Beausoleil is designed for – most of the testers used more stable and less drapey fabrics which resulted in equally beautiful dresses and tops with more streamlined silhouette. Nevertheless, I’m so happy with my choice – I love this soft and feminine look and I think it feels very me.
The only downside of my fabric choice were the pockets as I really don’t think that they work for this dress and in this fabric – they look very floppy and they’re cheapening the entire look. Actually, right after taking these pictures I took the pockets off and I like the dress so much better without them! But I do believe they would look good in some other fabrics and other prints.

In addition to dress this lovely pattern also has a top option, and starting today it’s available for everyone to buy, make and love. I sure do love mine!