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Long Evening Dress with Jeweled Shoulders – Burdastyle 6/2010 #118

A great dress if you’re going to an all-white-outfit themed party! I found this pile of thin fabric with a high-end kind of sheen to it, at a thrift store for literally one dollar. Through research I worked out it is faille fabric, in other words too delicate for words. It pils/snags easily, creases iron out easily, however a very hot iron melts holes in it, and it has to be dry cleaned apparently or it shrinks. It’s quite minimalist, there’s no overlay and the petticoat layer I added underneath is from the same material, so it may simply look like a dressy slip, a nightie, or even just a lining lol. I omitted interfacing the empire bodice but I kind of wish I did now, for more definition, less rippling, and support to hold its shape. The faille is flimsy, with a translucent look that I was going for, as long as nude undergarments are worn. So I couldn’t add a back zip, therefore its slip on and clings a bit. I could always make some jeweled cap sleeves, otherwise it didn’t take too long to stitch the basic dress up. Location: Northcote Point

Update: As an afterthought I decided to whip up the optional ’jeweled shoulders’ from this pattern, just tacking them on for an alternative style, except I made them in a single layer of lace for a see through look. The lace was vintage 70s lace scraps gifted to me for free, so the dress still only totals $1 lol! Location: Westmere