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I have had this project on my list for quite some time and decided to make it up in some ponte with a trim. this is a combo I have used before quite successfully, so decided to go with it again and take the design from there. A ‘tulip’ shape dress is a daunting prospect as there is the potential to make the bottom half look pretty large and this design is no exception. I decided that some balance could make the project look pretty ‘bombshell’ so I cut the top half to fit and the bottom half to be a snug fit. the top half is great! good fit and design. The bottom half actually fits the top half well, but was just too generous on the hips. I took lots of fabric out, eliminated the back zip and hey presto here is the result. I think I love it. the balance between top and bottom is good. The wearability is good and it seems like a fun frock. Hopefully it will take off and look forward to seeing lots more tulips on Burdastyle