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This time of year we have convocation at church so I made this dress to wear last night. A combination of two styles from the November issue was used. As usual I modified the style to create a new design. A combination of three fabrics were used…. two different black texture (one look and feel like leather) and a mesh lace to give the pop of colour. It is lined except for the godets.


Sleeveless turtle neck pattern (11/2015 #111) . The neckline was cut shorter and length was shorten to to the waistline just below the darts. The zipper was removed from the back and placed on the left side. A band was attached to create a sleeve. The back is cut with two princess seam from the shoulder downwards . The mesh is place over the fabric 3/4 way down on both sides. The top part is completely lined

Godet Skirt (11/2015 #105A) The dress has darts that extend in a v-shape from the center seam. The fitted part is lined while the godet flows beautifully.

The top and skirt is attached at the waist to create a stunning dress. I love the entire look and I feel awesome!