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This one was a stash buster – and as usual, ended up straying from the original pattern. No lining was used, but I did use a double layer of sturdy cotton over the entire project (i.e. ‘Cut x1 of panier top’ and I cut x2) to give a tad more structure.
Basically, I gave up on understanding/following the instructions half way through and made it how I wanted. Ergo, there are extra pockets on the inner sides of the top flaps (with zipper openings so that things don’t fall out when lifting the flaps), the ruffles are nonexistent, the leather straps are much wider and chunkier, and the ‘girly’ detail is incorporated in the understated, FLAT lace panels.
Basically, once you ‘get’ the main construction points on this pattern, the sky’s the limit in regards to final aesthetics, size and functionality.