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I had been dreaming to make a piece in suede or leather by myself for a long time. But since it is quite difficult to find several skins of the same color, quality all of my ideas and projects kept being postponed. Until last winter, when I finally found four beautiful suede skins of excellent quality and of generous size.

By then, my wish list of leather or suede projects was quite extensive, but I decided to try my hand with this tunic with a ruffle.. Thanks to the generous footage of my suede, I had enough material to cut all the details of my garment in full. Only back detail of the ruffle on my tunic is made of four pieces.

To see how the model of the tunic fits, I made an experimental model in black woolen jersey. That allowed me to make necessary corrections to the length and neckline of the pattern before tracing it on suede skins.

My suede blouse is fully fitted with a thin black lining with some stretch, except for the ruffle detail. It has a slit opening at the back of the neckline that is fastened with a button. The shoulder seams and armholes seams are strengthened with a Formband tape.

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